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In Loving Memory Of Jason.
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A paper Jason did in high school I just wanted to share it.


(The Person I Admire Most)

The person I admire is my mom.

My mom was a person I didn't not know much until I was older.

Yea I saw her off and on but was never real close to her.

Until 10 years ago when she decided to settle down and realized

what was going on. I stayed with my dad but we never got along,

when I would come home we would not say two words to

each other. So I started turning to other things not blameing

no one but my self. But dad had nothing to do with me and I left

and started staying with friends. And things just got worse for me

I was so much in trouble that I still have to deal with  things

I have done in my life. But my mom was always there no matter

what for me no matter what I did she stood beside me in any choice

I made. She did not always agree with everything I did but she

did not turn her back on me like others had done. When I was down

and had no where to go I always knew she would be there for me. So

I gave her a call and she came and got me. And turned my life around,

never made me do something I did not want to do but helped me make

right decisions. She knew every little thing I had done things I did not

 even know people knew about. But she would never say anything

just hint around until I said it to her what I had done. But things got better

for me I went to school and got out of my past life and into a new one with her.

Yea I still messed up now and then but things just kept getting better for me.

I quite doing things I was doing before and don't even miss it. I knew it

was not worth dameging the love between my family. I had know one

but mom to lean on and she was always there. So I would never

fall again things got better between the family. If I did not have

mom I would not have anything for my self. That is why my mom is

the most person I admire the most and always will. And through it all I also still love my dad.